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  How to Pick the Right Web Hosting Company

Hosting is often the most overlooked aspect of building a website or blog.

Hosting can make or break your site.

It runs the software that makes your site work.

It has the server and computing power which determines your site's speed and load times for visitors as well.

A good host can make your site perform incredibly, while a poor host can make every day a nightmare.

This is why you not only need a good solid hosting company.

You also need a hosting company with excellent support.

I have used countless hosting companies over the years and have done numerous tests on different hosts to find the perfect setup.

Each hosting setup is different and optimizing your site can actually be different with each one depending on the software and operating systems they use.

This is why I recommend SiteGround Managed Wordpress Hosting for entry level blogs.

There is nothing more economical, yet powerful. More importantly, it is easy to use so you can worry about running your website and not worry about your hosting.

I used Bluehost for years with my entry level blogs, but switched to SiteGround last year.

You can read about my hosting journey here.

This doesn't mean there aren't other great hosts out there.

I have used Liquid Web Hosting for years for my big, enterprise level blogs which need a lot of power due to their traffic and functionalities.

Their Wordpress Hosting is top of the line, but you most likely won't need something like this until your blog's outgrow the SiteGround hosting (which can be years).

You can use the hosting you already have if you have a site and you are happy with performance and support you receive.

Don't change hosts just because I recommend something different.

If you don't have hosting, then I recommend starting out with SiteGround.

*If you decide to use SiteGround, please follow the initial setup instructions outlined for SiteGround in the Blog Optimized Starter Edition Course. The course will take you through the Hosting account creation process, Wordpress Blog Setup and basic optimization step by step and is the primary objective for Week 2.

**This set of instructions is gone over in more detail in Week 2 (Please Read All).

***I Recommend the "Grow Big" Plan in Siteground. This give your site room to grow without the need to upgrade anytime in the next year.