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  The 9 Week Schedule

Over the next 8 Weeks you will create more than a blog. You will create a business which automates lead generation (list building) and profits by creating systems which can be reproduced over and over to create a long term passive income for you and your family.

Each Week a new Module will be released to you starting with Week 1. In each of the 8 weekly modules you will have Action Items which need to be completed before you begin the next week's Module.

If you fall behind, don't worry. You will have unlimited access to all the Course Modules in the Workshop for the life of the program. However, it is extremely important that you complete each module in order as they build on each other and help you achieve specific tasks.

If you are a beginner, take it slow and ask questions in the Facebook Group if you need help.

If you are an Advanced User, the course might start slow for you, but please go through all the training. Don't assume you know something. You may miss something important.

*DO NOT UNSUBSCRIBE - You will receive email notifications each week when the new Modules become available. If you unsubscribe, you will not receive these emails.

Here's the 8 Week Schedule:

Week 1: Your Niche and Profit Plan

Week 1: Day 4: Domains and Hosting

Week 2: Blog Setup and Initial Optimization

Week 3: Establishing Your Social Media Footprint & Site Design

Week 4: Email Marketing and Your First 1000 Subscribers

Week 5: Content Planning and Optimization

Week 6: Content Research and SEO - The Process

Week 7: Systems & Profit Funnel Setup Part 1

Week 8: Systems and Profit Funnel Setup Part 2

Week 9: Scaling and Growth - How to Maximize and Grow Your Long Term Profits

Good Luck!

Mike Johnson